Final Fantasy 7 Remake Theme Song Trailer
The theme song trailer for FF7 Remake that more about action and Cloud crossdressing than music
Tekken 7 Developer Diary and Balance Patch for Leroy
Tekken 7 Developer Diary for Leroy and Fahrumram. Balance Patch 3.2 link is inside
Samurai Shodown Iroha Are Coming
Iroha coming to Samurai Shodown season 2 DLC. Now you guys are out of reason to buy the game.
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Bring the Force Back with Its Launch Trailer
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order showcase light saber duel and beautiful graphic in the game launch trailer.
Death Stranding 8 Minutes Launch Trailer Have Much to Show
The Much anticipated Death Stranding has just release 8 minutes launch trailer.
GranBlue Fantasy Versus Confirm Zeta and Vaseraga Appearance
Granblue Fantasy Versus include Zeta and Vaseraga into the game launch roster
Guilty Gear Bring Axl Low Back to the Rock Concert
CEOtaku trailer for Guilty Gear reveal Axl Low as return character for the game.
Indivisible Reveal Anime Like Opening
Lab Zero reveal Indivisible Opening to hype up the game release on October 8
Granblue Fantasy: Versus Metera Shot Her Way Into Your Heart in The Latest Trailer
Granblue Fantasy Versus TGS 2019 Trailer reveal Metara as the new up coming character.
Guilty Gear Rock Tokyo Game Show 2019 with a New Trailer
May will return to new Guilty Gear game alongside Sol and Sky
Gungrave G.O.R.E Bring The Edge Back
Gungrave Gore brand new TGS 2019 trailer.
Death Stranding A Whooping 49 Minutes of Gameplay
Nearly an hour of gameplay for Death Stranding being showcase at TGS 2019
Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show 2019 Gameplay Demo
Gameplay Demo for FFVI Remake being showcase at TGS 2019
Project Resistance Join the Resident Evil Universe As a New Type of Survival Horror
Detail gameplay look at Project Resistance. An upcoming Resident Evil game from Capcom
Shemue 3 Explore the Beautiful Scenery in The Latest Trailer
Shenmue 3 TGS 2019 trailer set the mood for the upcoming game
Nioh 2 Confirm Early 2020 Release Window
News for Nioh 2 from Tokyo Game Show 2019
Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer for TGS 2019 Finally Live
FF7 Remake Open Tokyo Game Show 2019 with a brand new trailer
Civilization VI Getting Its Own Battle Royale Mode
New mode Red Death arrived with the September update for Civilization VI
Samurai Shodown Next Free DLC Character Will Come on September 16
Shizumaru Hisame join Samurai Showdown roster on September 16.
Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019 Gameplay Demo is Out for the Public
E3 2019 Gameplay demo reveal for Cyberpunk 2077
Yakuza 7 Like A Dragon Coming to Western Market in 2020
New trailer and info on the latest entry to the Yakuza series
Death Stranding Introduces Mama and New Gameplay Trailer
Death Stranding reveal Mama and some more gameplay trailer at gamescom
Darksiders Genesis Hack n’ Slash its Way to Google Stadia Later This Year
War and Strife start their mayhem on Google Stadia and other platform later this year
Little Nightmares II Announced at Gamescom
Bandai Namco and Tarsier Studios brought us Little Nightmares, slated to be release in 2020
Gears 5 The First in the Series to Launch on PC Steam
Gears 5 Set it first step on Steam in September 10
Oninaki New Highlight Trailer in Preparation for Launch
Warm up trailer for the game release on August 22
Guilty Gear New Direction From the Game Creator Daisuke Ishiwatari
Guilty Gear Creator Mr. Daisuke Ishiwatari and his quest to revolutionize the game
Indivisible Finally Come to us in October 8th
Indivisible come to PS4, PC and Xbox One in October 8th
New Guilty Gear Coming to Rock your World in 2020
New Guilty Gear announced for 2020 by Arc System Works at EVO 2019
Tekken 7 Season 3 Kicks off With a Bang Featuring Zafina and Leroy Smith
Zafina and Leroy announced as the two first new fighters to join Tekken 7 Season 3
Soul Calibur 6 Cassandra Announced
New season with four new characters also being announce alongside Cassandra
King of Fighters XV Currently in Development
The logo of the new King of Fighters XV being tease at EVO 2019
Samurai Shodown EVO 2019 Reveal
Shizumaru Hisame coming to Samurai Shodown in September 2019. New Info on Season 2 in 2020 also being show.
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late New Character Londrekia Announced
Uniel Newest version along with the new character was announce at the game EVO 2019 grand final
Grandblue Fantasy Versus: RPG Mode Confirm
Grandblue Fantasy versus add new RPG Mode that plays like a side-scrolling action game
Total War Three Kingdoms: Dynasty Mode Reveal
Total War Three Kingdoms new gameplay mode called Dynasty drop on August 8th
Mortal Kombat 11: Nightwolf Gameplay Trailer
Nightwolf come as a new addition to the MK11 roster
Street Fighter V: E. Honda, Lucia and Poison Confirm
E. Honda, Lucia and Poison coming to SFV on August 4, right after EVO 2019
The Surge 2: New Trailer Highlight Brutal Combat
On September 24, The Surge 2 will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One
EVO 2019 Official Tournament Schedule
EVO 2019 finally upon us and the schedule is up so we can start planning ahead.
Death Stranding: Heartman and His 21 Minutes Life Cycle
New trailer Death Stranding trailer from Hideo Kojima featuring Heartman
Astral Chain: Summary of What the Game Has to Offer
A nearly 10 minutes long trailer was release recently by Platinum Games to sum up what we can expect from the game There is…
Grandblue Fantasy Versus: Percival Trailer
New character reveal for Grandblue Fantasy Versus
Zombieland Double Tap: Reveal Trailer
Finally, it is time for Zombieland 2
Carole & Tuesday: Concert Live Stream on August 11
Carole & Tuesday live concert in Tokyo
Pokemon Masters: No PvP
Seem like I won't be able to flex my pokemon superiority over others.
Project Sakura Wars: Release In Japan On December 12
The game expected to be released on USA and Europe in Spring 2020 for PS4
Super Robot Wars V: English Subs Available for the Asia Version Release
The game will come to Asia for Switch on the same day as Japan. No release day for PC Steam yet.
Overwatch: Madness Descent as Sigma Origin Story Trailer Drop
Sigma, the new addition to the Overwatch roster has been reveal
Dead or Alive 6: Season 2 Kicks Off with Swimsuit and Beach
Season Pass 2 come with patch update on new animations, character adjustments and additional features.
Super Robot Wars: First in The Series to Set Foot on PC
Super Robot Wars V and X will be the first in the franchise to enter PC master race.
Digimon Survive: Anime Style Intro Video Teased
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Digimon Anime with a new game called Digimon Survive.
Megaman X DiVE: New Megaman Game is for Mobile
Time to reignite those nostalgic memories with the new Megaman game.
Konosuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Crimson Legend: Film Premiere on August 30
Konosuba Crimson Legend featuring cute mage anime girl who can only one shot you to dead
Watchmen: Official Comic-Con Trailer Presented by HBO
First look at the upcoming Watchmen TV series
The Witcher Movie: First Official Trailer
Netflix give us a sneak peak at the upcoming Witcher Movie with a trailer.
Tekken 7: Congrats Lord Harada For the 4 Million Copies Sold Worldwide
Greatest timeline to be in for a Tekken fan. Thanks Lord Harada for blessing us with Tekken 7
No Gun Life: Anime Premiere This October
No Gun Life, another series worthy of Anime adaptation finally hit the screen.
Pokemon Masters: Brief Look at the Gameplay
Pokemon Masters let you team up with your friends to battle other. Now only if I have friends.
13 Sentinels Aegis Rim: Release in Japan on November 28
The game will come this November as a PS4 exclusive title
PUBG: Story Trailer
After so long, PUBG game developer suddenly feel the need to introduce story
The Battle Cats: Cat and Evangelion
It is nyangelion, what else do you need?
Total War Three Kingdoms: New Stand Alone DLC Pack Titled Eight Princes
The DLC takes place around AD 291 to 306 in an era called War of the Eight Princes in China.
Ni No Kuni Movie: Premiere in Japan on August 23
Studio Ghibli style will never get old
Border Land 3: Happy Together
Let's us all be happy together in this wonderful borderland world
The Final Numbers for EVO 2019 is Up
The final call for EVO 2019 registration is over and now we are looking at a record breaking number of entrants
Mortal Kombat: The Reboot Movie will be R-rated
The rightful rating that the Mortal Kombat series deserves.
Lupin 3 The First: Will Be a 3D Animated Movie
The first trailer showing 3D Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, and Zenigata
Rakugaki Kingdom: New Mobile Game by Taito
A very vibrant game from a big company in Japan
Carole & Tuesday: The Anime Debut World Wide on Netflix in August 30
Close your eyes and let the music guide the way.
Darwin’s Game: TV Anime Adaptation Announce
The manga definitely didn't get enough attention it deserve. Give it a try folk
Kill La Kill IF: No Censorship Confirm
Arc System Works let out their voice loud and clear.
Gundam Battle Gunpla Warfare: New Gundam Game for Mobile Device
Bandai Namco finally let you roll gacha for Gundam parts
Blue Protocol: New Online Action RPG for PC
Info on Bandai Namco new Online Action RPG for PC. I like the featured girl by the way.
Utawarerumono Lost Flag: The New Entry in The Series Will Be a Mobile Game
Tease by the game developer Aquaplus, release date will be update in the future
Shenmue 3: No Day One Steam Option, Epic Games Will Pay For Refunds
Epic Games will handle the refunds for backers who want Steam version
Metal Wolf Chaos XD: The Fight For USA Begin Again On August 6, 2019
The remaster version finally have a release day and it is very soon
Teppen: Rumored Capcom Card Game Has Been Released
A surprise release from Capcom with minimal advertisement. Let's the game speak for itself strategy I think.
Doom Eternal: Blast them Demon on the face
The sequel to the reboot is coming! With more weapon to use and more demon to kill.
Elden Ring: The child of Fromsoftware and George R.R. Martin
The rumored collaboration project between From Software and George R.R. Martin has finally shown.
Attack on Titan: Anime Final Season Confirm
Final Season for Attack on Titan confirm after the end of Season 3
Ghost Wire Tokyo: Mass Disappearance in Tokyo
New game from The Evil Within developer presented by one of the most adorable girl ever
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Our Girl Tifa is Looking Fine
The wait is over as everyone favorite waifu make the appearance. Also new trailer for FF7 Remake by the way.
Cyberpunk 2077: Damn! Keanu Greaves is Hot!
The only man we would all agree to run away with in a heart beat, announced the release day for Cyberpunk 2077.